Libby from Livermore 3/24/2018 

Ani and John and the animals were great. All the kids and all the adults had a great time today! One parent thought this was the best party she had ever been to, and I agree. Thanks so much!

Rachael S from San Francisco 3/28/2015

We love Lick Your Eyeballs! Audra brought in four animals (two frogs and two geckos) for my after school-science club for grades K-3rd (including all interested staff and adults who also wanted in on the action). Audra was fantastic! She was calm, patient, informative and had fun with the children. When we were booking her, she was responsive and flexible. We are definitely bringing her back!

Lucy K from Richmond 4/21/2015

This is the second year Audra has brought her LYE menagerie to my daughers' bday party. She and her partner were wonderful w/ the kids and the animals. Both of my daughers requested them again this year (oldest is 27, youngest is 9). We are happy regulars. 
Thanks LYE!!

Philip S from Berkeley 10/27/2014

Audra and her partner brought her menagerie and wealth of knowledge to our twins' eighth birthday party and held their audience of 15 kids (and several adults) spellbound for over an hour -- an amazing feat. The combination of showmanship and education was fabulous, and you can tell these guys know how to manage a crowd of kids. 

Tom from El Cerrito 3/2012

Our 8 year old just had a birthday party at our house with 'Lick your eyeballs' as the entertainment (the name refers to the way geckos without eyelids clean their eyes). The kids were all fascinated by the creatures they brought - geckos, tarantulas, frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, hissing cockroaches, a giant monitor lizard, and maybe some other creatures I'm forgetting. Their website,, has photos of the kinds of animals to expect. The kids get to touch, hold, and even feed some of the animals. Nick and Audra, the presenters, were excellent with the children and presented lots of interesting information at a level the kids enjoyed. They really made it a memorable party. Two of the guests at our party hired Lick your eyeballs for their own parties within weeks! 

Lisa W. from Berkeley 5/3/15

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for coming to Lucas' and Judah's party last weekend at Tilden Park. Everyone loved the presentation and I got so much positive feedback and inquiries about how to book you guys in the future. I wanted to share a blog post I wrote up about the party. If you scroll down there are lots of pics of the kids with your animals. 

Thank you again! You guys were really awesome and a total hit at our party. :)

Super D from Albany 6/6/2016

I took my daughter to a friends birthday party about 3 years ago and saw this wonderful reptile/amphibian show. This year I decided to use have them come by for my daughter's birthday party and it was a huge hit for the kids. The animals they brought were a couple of geckos, a couple of snakes, a leg less lizard, a scorpion looking spider( forgot the name), a tortoise, two frogs, and a Caiman lizard. They kept the kids engaged and had an excellent presentation. They also explained all the scientific differences between the animals they showed, what they ate, and whAt made them special. They explained it in a kid friendly way. They showed up on time, were very friendly and it made the birthday party a success . The kids were mostly 4th graders with a couple of younger school age kids.
I highly recommend them!