The Adjustment Period: Getting Your New Reptile to Eat

reptile party

When you bring home a new reptile, we recommend that you do not to handle your new friend for the first three days as this is an adjustment period and we know how stressful those can be. If after three days, you gecko still hasn't eaten, here are some things to think about: 

  • Temperature: Is your reptile warm enough at 3 am?  Understand the temperature range of your particular species (notice I said range here: your reptile needs to be able to thermoregulate by moving around his enclosure to areas of different temperatures) 
  • Appropriate size portions: Think about how big your new pets stomach is. If a baby gecko is getting a capful of food when it's stomach is the size of a pea, you might not notice food going missing. 
  •  Diet: every gecko has a different favorite food- try a different flavor or type of food. Perhaps he doesn't like the one being offered. 
  • Stress: could there be a source of stress such as a pet pestering him?  
Audra BarriosComment