Our programs: 

1) Reptiles & Amphibians: In this programs we introduce your guests to snakes, lizards, tortoises and frogs from all over the world, while teaching them about the characteristics that make them unique. There is a lizard without legs, frogs that breath through their skin,  a jungle tortoise and many more! You will have the opportunity to touch and hold all of the animals, as well as take photographs. One hour $350 

-Includes 7 animals and 2 educators                               -Any size group                                                        

reptile party

2) Just lizards: Meet a gecko that licks her eyeballs and one that lives in termite mounds. 30 minutes $175

-Includes 3 lizards and 1 educator                                    -For groups of 10 or fewer guests or classrooms


3) Amphibians: In this program your guests will learn the life cycle of a frog while meeting California native toads, Australian Tree Frogs and a frog the size of a dinner plate. 30 minutes $175

-Includes 3 frogs and 1 educator                                       -For groups of 10 or fewer guests or classrooms

Drive fee might apply depending on location. 

For large events, such as festivals and community events, we offer a hands-on table display that allows people to come interact with our animals freely with the supervision of our trained educators. Contact for exact pricing for these events. 

It is through birthday parties and large events that we are able to offer free and low-cost educational programs to public schools and non-profits. Thank you for your support! Contact us for discounted rates.  

Winter Birthday Special: Save $75 on our one-hour program for birthday parties in November through January. Use promo code when booking: Winter2017 

Neighborhood deal: Save $150 on our one-hour program for events in the city of Richmond. 


Meet some of our animal friends: 

Darwin: the White Throat Monitor

whitethroat monitor

Darwin is a 4-foot lizard that is potty-trained and very curious about the world. He is 4 years old. 

White Throat monitor lizards are found in Southern Africa. 


Petri & Sherbert: the White's Tree Frogs

White's tree frogs produce a substance in their mucus that kills HIV cells. 


  Frida: the Kenyan Sand Boa


Sandboas are tiny snakes, adults reaching only 20 inches long. 

Silver: the Legless Lizard

Believe it or not, this is a lizard, not a snake. They have adapted to live burrow, which is why they lack limbs. Watch our video about legless lizards here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WY2-ErDyMQ&t=18s

                 Olive: the Giant Gecko

The New Caledonian Giant Gecko is the largest gecko in the world. 

Curly: the California Toad


Jenny: the Ball Python

Jenny is a snake that incubates and takes care of her eggs.


Emily: the Eastern Kingsnake

In the wild, kingsnakes eat other snakes including rattlesnakes. They are immune to rattlesnake venom. 

    Sherman: the Crested Gecko

Crested geckos do not have eyelids, so they lick their eyeballs clean.